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As a photographer and artist you would be surprised by the legal side of my work, just because I create something it doesn’t and shouldn’t mean that people can steal it without asking my permission first. That’s where a solicitor can help if required. I got in touch with these solicitors in St Helens who were more than helpful and I’d like to provide you readers with a way to get in touch with them. Incidentally if you are ever dismissed after an accident at work I can totally recommend you sue and use these guys.

Copyright infringement and the theft of my work is no joke and although I am very flattered whenever people use my work I really wish they would ask first – if you are one of these people then please do.

I have no problem with creative and artist license when it has my blessing but my art is also how I earn a living and to see my work displayed on other websites (which shall remain nameless at this point in time) just infuriates me but not so much as when I contact them and they either ignore my messages or in one case replied to say “so what!”

PLEASE if you want to use any of my photographs or artwork on your website without affiliation back to the original source please get in touch with me to ask first, I won’t bite! I enjoy seeing my work displayed in places all over the web but it needs to be attributed back to myself. Thanks.

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